The Tao of Writing

I’m a writer. Or am I?

What makes a writer? Well, one would think that the simple act of writing makes one a writer. But simply throwing random words on the page isn’t writing. Writing is about evoking emotion in the reader, about creating worlds and characters out of thin air and bringing them to life. There is a certain thrill in that from the writer’s perspective, knowing that each word you write gives your characters skin, and blood, and bones, and a beating heart, so that later when you inevitably break those same character’s hearts in a love story or spill their blood in a violent confrontation, or eventually give them a triumphant victory after numerous failed attempts, it becomes real. It is earned.

So, I’m writing a novel. I don’t know if I will be successful at it, but I’m going to try my damnedest. Why? Because inside everyone is a powerful story that needs to be told. Maybe one day, you can enjoy mine.


2 thoughts on “The Tao of Writing

  1. “knowing that each word you write gives your characters skin, and blood, and bones, and a beating heart” – I like how you wrote that, and it’s so true. It’s amazing to me how characters invented in someone’s head, and existing only on paper, can feel so intensely alive. How we grow to love them and care about them as if they were real human beings. It’s remarkable.


    • Since I have started this process, I am amazed at how much I love bringing the concept of these characters (who have swimming in my head for a long time) and bringing them to life for you, the readers. It is, frankly, my main motivation. To me, they ARE real persons who deserve to have their stories told so I have a big responsibility to bring them to life as fully and accurately as I can. Sometimes, I think I know them well, and sometimes they surprise me as I write. They are quite rebellious!

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