2016, Here we Come

Hello all, I have been very quiet for last six months because I have been quite entrenched in finishing off the first draft of my novel.  I finished it in late November and am now in the editing stages.  I have to admit it has been both an exhilarating experience–making my characters comes to life–and a frustrating one as I realize the current limitations of my writing abilities.  However, I am hopeful if I continue to plug on, I will improve as a writer, even incrementally so, one day at a time.

I am now in the dreadful editing phase of which I would like to comment on more later.  I hope to spend more of my posts in the next while discussing my experiencing so far in writing my first ever novel, and the challenges of editing.  Hopefully, one day soon, this novel might be good enough to be published.

I have other writing projects on the table that I am excited about.  They are derivative of my current novel.  I’ll speak a bit about those in the coming months as well.

In the meantime, happy new years to everyone, and happy writing.  May 2016 be a prosperous and happy year for us all.



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